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YoungLife offers students fresh perspective

By Brooklynn Stewart
June 13, 2024

Seniors June Higgins Jenkins and Sarah Williams started high school in 2020 with minimal friends and wishing to have something to look back on when they got older. Starting their sophomore year, Higgins Jenkins and Williams, along with hundreds of other students, entered the Younglife circle. Both were nervous about what the outcome would be. Now, both the girls are seniors and can confidently say that their lives have completely changed since that day in sophomore year. 

 “Truly eye-opening of what life should be like,” Williams said. When Williams joined Younglife, she expected only to go to a club-type experience and maybe make some new friends. Never did she think that she would walk out with not only tons of new friends but a completely altered mindset of life. 

Though both the seniors started attending Younglife in sophomore year, they wish they would have had the confidence to go the year before. “It takes a lot of confidence to do something new your freshman year of high school, and that is one thing that I would have done differently” Higgins Jenkins said. They advise freshmen to take that risk of trying something new because you never know how great the experience could be.