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Napoleon conquers the theaters

By Bradley Fryman
January 5, 2024

Over Thanksgiving break, “Napoleon” made its release in movie theaters across America. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, this film revolves around the life of French general and emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. Although surprising to most viewers, “Napoleon” spends most of its time following the love--or lack of love--between Napoleon and his first wife, Josephine. 

“Napoleon” opens with the beheading of French Queen, Marie Antoinette with operatic music playing. Starting the film with the scene really sets the scene for the barbaric and brutal battles later on in this film. 

The first battle scene in this movie depicts the Siege of Toulon. This was the first battle that won Napoleon fame and promotion. In the film, the lighting and gore make this battle feel real. You can feel the suspense and anxiety through Napoleon the whole siege. 

The first time the audience meets Josephine, it is made obvious Napoleon has an attraction towards her. The relationship between Napoleon and Josephine immediately becomes the center of attention for the rest of the film. 

Other notable scenes in the film are the 13 Vendémiaire, the Battle of Austerlitz, and The Battle of Waterloo. The Battle of Austerlitz was perhaps the most engaging part of the whole movie. This battle was depicted in the snowy tundra of Russia. This battle encaptures the genius of Napoleon as a military commander. After luring Russian and Austrian troops to a military camp set up on a frozen lake, Napoleon used artillery to destroy the ice right under the Russian's and Austrian’s feet. Not only this battle but all the battle scenes in “Napoleon” are exceptionally gory and bloody. 

Overall, Napoleon was an enjoyable film and has done well in sales and has gotten good reviews.