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Students and staff prepare for McNary’s first ever dodgeball tournament.

By Dakota Hill
May 21, 2024

Students and staff prepare for McNary’s first ever dodgeball tournament.

A few of Mr. Jake Fineran’s sports marketing and management students wanted to create a project for the second half of the year. When the students were discussing ideas about what to do, dodgeball was something they all wanted to do.

“It’s gonna be fun, ever wanted to throw something at staff or students?” Junior Steven Adams said. 

While he is not participating, he looks forward to seeing who all participates and the results of what he created. He believes it will be great no matter what happens.

“ It’s gonna be the first event we run by ourselves and I’m proud of that,” he added.

Mr. Fineran is also excited to see this project develop. 

“I'm just always excited when a project comes together. especially like an event. because you do all this work beforehand, and then you get to see it come together. That's always fun. So I think it's just I'm just proud of that group… They get all the credit,” Fineran added.

Some coaches have taken advantage of this opportunity and signed their respective teams up for the tournament. Mr. Brad Lomax and Fineran both signed up their respective golf teams to do it.

“Because I know, students are excited to throw dodgeballs at teachers. I'm also excited to throw dodgeballs as students. That's gonna be a nice bonus for me,” Fineran said.

He is confident that his team will come out on top. 

Addy Andrews is one of the members of Mr. Fin’s team is excited to throw dodgeballs at staff and students.

“To me it is just a business event that I am excited to show up for and watch as well as going as a golf team,” Andrews added.

Students should sign up for this event because you are helping support the McNary business program as well as helping build community.

“It's gonna be a blast. How many opportunities so you're gonna get to throw something at your teachers? Not very many. And you can't pass up an opportunity like that. Those things come once in a lifetime. So that'll be fun. It'll just be a good time to get together with the McNary community after school, especially towards the end of the year. We're getting ready to say goodbye to each other. It's a week away from when seniors are gone,” Fineran said.