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Backpack pocket mysteries revealed

By Emily Gomez‍
June 10, 2024

School backpacks are for books and school supplies, but once in a while a Mother’s Day rose might appear. 

The rose belongs to sophomore Nicole Lettenmaier.  Lettenmaier would describe her backpack as messy with things that are not always essential but still fun to have. In her backpack, Nicole has gum, her wallet, a claw clip, some lip gloss, a snack, the book she is currently reading and an artificial rose. 

For Mother’s Day, Lettenmaier bought an artificial ribbon flower that was being sold on the school campus. “They were selling them in the commons,” Lettenmaier said. She purposely bought it knowing Mother’s Day was just around the corner and was prepared to celebrate. 

Most of the time, Lettenmaier has snacks in her backpack. Her personal favorite snack is sunflower seeds. “I'm always snacking in every class if they let me eat,” Lettenmaier said. 

Lettenmaier also regularly likes to carry around a book to read. 

The claw clip comes in handy when she is having a bad hair day, it's good to have it just for emergencies. 

Freshman Jai Jadhav does not store many random items in his front pocket, but he still considers the items he does have to be essential for his school days. In the front pocket of Jadhav’s backpack he has shoes, cologne and gum.

Jadhav brings his sneakers to use during his P.E. class. “I just leave them in my locker,” he said. He had forgotten to store them away before his class so they remained in his backpack. 

He would describe his backpack as pretty tidy and clean. “I don't clean it out but I try to keep it organized,” Jadhav said. Although keeping it clean, he always finds little surprises. “In the year I swear I always find Jolly Ranchers,” Jadhav said.