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In unity there is strength

Photo by Jordyn Cortez
April 5, 2024
    Senior Elijah Arendt and junior Gavin Edwards (pictured above) celebrated a game well played at the conclusion of the April 5 Unified Sports Showcase in the gymnasium.  Many teachers brought their classes to cheer on the games.

According to Mrs. Kelly Parsell, McNary, we has 4 Unified programs: Unified PE, Unified Art, Unified Business, and Unified Theater. Expect to see each program have showcases and events all throughout the year.

Unified is an opportunity to be inclusive and build friendships while working towards one common goal (a soccer game, an art mural, fundraising, a business proposal, a play, etc), according to Parsell.

If you’re interested in Unified and want to hear more, seek out Parsell in Room 60, one of the lead Unified teachers, or a counselor.