Student Forecasting

Below you will find instructions on how your students will forecast for their electives virtually (all core classes have already been entered). Please read below for instructions on how to complete virtual elective forecasting.
Click on the link for your current grade level

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Career & Technical Education Classes

Elective Courses

Forecasting "How-To"

1. Click on a link to the left with your student's current grade level.
The google form will open in a new tab.
2. Complete the basic information.
Name, ID, E-mail, Phone
3. Select AT LEAST 10 elective classes from the list.
You must select at least 10 electives to ensure we can have a FULL schedule prepared for your student in the fall. Students without full schedules heading into the fall are subject to be placed in classes that are not full, opposed to classes they would actually prefer to take.
4. Hit SUBMIT on the form.
Once 10 classes are selected, students need to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form to ensure they send in their requests to McNary counselors.

Forecasting FAQ

Students/families can view their already entered core classes (English, Math, Science, SocialStudies), and electives they have already chosen by accessing Student/ParentVUE and clicking on the link on the left-hand menu.

Please keep in mind: counselors are working on entering requests as they come in. Please allow a few weeks to see your requests updated in Student/ParentVUE.