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Construction class joins forces with tech theater

By Ash Grimes
May 7, 2024

Construction and theater tech students are working together to assemble a new set for the upcoming theater event. With the construction kids putting together a structurally sound, two story set, complete with residential building codes, they will for sure learn a lot from this experience.

“Working with the theater tech kids, and helping another program has been a very terrific and enriching experience for me and my students,” said construction teacher Mr. Bob Robison.

In set design longevity is a lot less important and it's not about practicality as much as traditional structures like sheds and homes, and focuses much more on the appearance of the set. The main side is the only thing presented to the public.

The deadline is fast approaching since the play is on May 15. Students can check out the set before then in the courtyard, and after everything is over the students will be sure to reclaim as much resources as possible for future projects.