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Welcome to McNary

Bold Enough to be the best at educating, nurturing, and inspiring.

We Are bold

World Class Student Success

We offer a myriad of extracurricular opportunities for our students, so that upon graduation, they will not only earn a diploma, but will have a well-balanced and rich educational experience that will prepare them for their future career.  Our expectation is for each student to participate in one club, one sport, or one activity every year in high school.

In addition to encouraging students to enroll in one or more of our strong elective programs in areas such as the fine arts and/or career and technical education, we also have a culture that supports open and equal access for rigorous courses (AP® and Honors) for all students.

Logo of the 1-1-1 initiative at McNary. One Club, One Sport, One Activity.

Extra curricular activities and experiences have proven to prepare students for a life after high school. Recent studies have shown that those involved in extra curricular activities do better in school. They have high GPA's, do better on ACT/SAT tests, have high attendance rates, and have fewer discipline referrals.

We Are Focused

Infographic image listing the number of students enrolled at McNary as 2,069 students. Infographic stating that there are 25 languages spoken at McNary.
Infographic image with graduation rate listed at 96.23 percent.
Infographic stating that 53% of students are enrolled in a Career & Technical Education program. Infographic stating that 50% of students have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

We are active