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Up front │ Editor in chief, Samantha thomas
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November 27, 2021
By: Kendall Lemons

Myah Sallee, artist extraordinaire

Myah Sallee, the artist

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The Piper Daily is published daily by the Scholastic Journalism class at McNary High School. It is the obligation of the paper to report matters of interest and concern to McNary High School students and staff in a fair and accurate manner. The student journalists of The Piper Daily adhere to the principles of ethical conduct of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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News │editor thalia sloan
By: Talia Medlin

Accidental twin day

By: Kelsey Jarnagin

Font club, is it a font or a club?

SPORTS │ Editor aubrianna Cabral
Aubrianna Cabral

1-1-1 basketball club

Erick Gonzalez Diaz

First playoff game for varsity season

Alexis Eldridge

Volleyball play-offs saturday

arts & music│editors talia medlin, araya ahmad
By: Kendall Lemons

Myah Sallee, artist extraordinaire

Opinion │editor kelsey jarnagin
Kelsey Jarnagin

The Great Gatsby, Rewritten