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At McNary, we consider ourselves bold enough to be the best at educating, nurturing, and inspiring. That means we are constantly seeking ways to improve students’ experience on our campus and beyond high school. We know there are topics, currently not covered in most classes, that could create stronger students, employees, and citizens. We know that, even in our caring community, many students lack a consistent, go-to adult for information, guidance, and mentorship. We know that many struggle to find time to complete tasks needed to graduate college and career ready. Even students with these resources will perform better with a consistent staff member dedicated to their success here. Our bold approach to these concerns is Advisory.

Advisory is a class—attendance is recorded, some occasional work is turned in, and you will experience some of the same activities you notice in your other classes—but it feels different. You will remain with that teacher and group of peers throughout your time at McNary. You will consider and discuss some topics not covered elsewhere in your day. And by being there and being engaged each week, you will earn half an elective credit each year.