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No backpack? No problem

By Tay Chavin
June 13, 2024

Anything but a backpack day was on May 29 as a part of spirit week. The day has rules that students must follow in order to participate.

The rules include no animals, nothing motorized, no glass, no weapons or contraband, no noise makers, nothing that isn't school appropriate, and no stolen items. The object students choose must be able to fit beside them in a classroom and go up and down the stairs with no disruptions. Students must have their school materials for the day per usual. 

“Early in the year, we started talking about it and we knew we needed to get a date and present it to the admin for them to think about it,” said leadership student Emilee Morriss. After a talk with administrators and a push from the senior class, the date was set.

Morriss believes that if the no animal rule was excluded, people would bring animals in. “We looked on Tiktok and saw many schools have kids bring in animals, boats and other people,” she said, “We presented possible rules that we could make to make it safe and inclusive for everyone”. 

For years, students have been anticipating anything but a backpack day. “They all thought the repeated spirit days were outdated and this year we wanted to put a spin on things,” Morriss said.

For the students who don't like the rules, Morriss believes that the classes and halls can only fit so much and the day brings a very great opportunity for students to express creativity. If the day is successful this year, leadership can bring it back next year along with new and fresh ideas for spirit days.