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See that girl! Watch that scence! Digging the school musical

By: Kelsey Jarnagin
January 23, 2024

Mamma Mia, here we go again with another annual winter musical. Opening night for Mamma Mia will be performed on Wednesday, Jan 24, in the Ken Collins Theater.  With a set that will be the focal piece through out the show with working stairs, doors, and decks. The cast is goingti bring the beloved show that so many students and families  grew up on to life. With about a two hour run time it’ll be full of music and emotion. 

The cast have spent since September practicing and preparing to perform this all to its best of their capabilities. With fun 70s fits and a new scene that we haven’t seen before in the movies.

“Under Attack because its one of the most challenging for me, but in that its also the most rewarding. Its not in the movie, so its unique to the musical and I dont think people will be expecting it,” said McKenzie Pelletier, senior, playing Sophie, when asked what her favorite song is.

Mamma Mia is show that’s set in Greece in a family run hotel ran by a mother (Donna Sheridan) and a daughter (Sophie) that is getting married. This daughter has always had the dream of her father being their to walk her down the aisle, but the problem is she doesn’t know who the father is. So this musical is reconnecting with possible three fathers and finding out how to go about it while in the process of Sophie getting married.

“I am partial to the dramatics. Donna has a scene where she gets into a fight with Sophie, and then she gets into a fight with Sky and his friends, and then she gets into a fight with Sam. So its just banger song after banger song, and I get to be angry the whole time,” said Jana Everitt, senior, playing Donna. 

Students gained new opportunities from joining this musical, from it being their very first show to one of their last ones. The leads of the show are new to all of the lines given to them this year. Giving them an opportunity to show their acting and singing abilities on a stage in front of their peers they have grown up with.

To be able to have a show run smoothly you need a cast to be able to work together and learn to work from mistakes. Luckily for this cast the were able to get a great cast that works all well together, and have a want to be there. As well as having a director that has helped the cast, especially the new comers have comfort in the theater with great advice that has stuck with one of the leads.

“As Cav has told me after one of the rehearsals:  You are really nice and Sky is a nice guy too, but you need to find your inner bru, ” said Cameron Vandecovereing, junior, playing Sky.

Mamma Mia has brought connection to the actors and their characters that they are performing as. Giving them a new look on their acting abilities, and readiness for performance night.

“I've learned how to express multiple kinds of emotion at once, and how to memorize lines. Ive never had this many lines, so I learned how to take that on,” said Pelletier.