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WTS: Where's The Sun?

By Lucian Bader
April 10, 2024

At McNary High School April 8, there was a solar eclipse in Oregon. Some people said they could see it and others couldn't because of the weather and having heavy clouds covering the eclipse. There were a lot of rumors on TikTok saying the world is gonna end but that wasn’t true.  

McNary's Astronomy teacher Mrs.Dawn Reichle Bailon said that the best spot to see it is by her class at the bottom of the stairs.

When an eclipse happens there's a thing called the diamond ring effect. The effect is one bright spot of sunlight that resembles a giant diamond. 

“Total darkness and then when you get the diamond ring effect one little shiny spot on the edge that's pretty cool,” Bailon said. 

In Reichle Bailon’s Astronomy class the first unit you learn is about solar and lunar eclipses.

“In the very first unit we learn about lunar and solar eclipses, which lunar [eclipses] happen more often,” she said.

The reason why a solar eclipse is significant is because they don't happen as much and people in history didn't understand it so they thought the world was coming to an end. The last eclipse was on August 21, 2017 and the next one won't be predicted for the next 60 years.