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Welcome to Caedence

By Kelsey Schmidt
November 27, 2023

McNary’s APT program launches into the future with new technology. APT is now using a program called Caedence. 

Cadence is a program that now allows music students to keep all of their band's music in one place. APT students now have access to pre-plan their shows. They can plan lights, sound levels, tabs and so much more. 

Junior, Lucy Burroughs the lead singer for the band Astrea has been really excited to see the evolution of APT through the past three years. “I definitely think it's going to help practice be more organized and more effective because we won't have to spend time checking notes and trying to figure out different tabs and cords.”

Caedence started in November 2023 in APT.  The goal is for it to make a big impact on the technical side of APT. 

 “We liked a lot of songs on the Cadence list and saw a lot we didn't expect but not a lot we can relate to,” John Lynch said. Lynch is the president of APT as well as part of the band Deadringer. 

Caedence is affecting big heavy metal bands as the song choices are limited on the Caedence listing. 

“I am most excited about the fact bands have to start learning the importance of the charts and not to guess.” the teacher for Apt Andy Thomas said. Thomas has always been trying to advance APT and take the program to the next level. “It'll make the tech's life easier,” Thomas said. 

As well as Caedence APT has entered the world of in-ear monitoring. This will allow performers to hear what they would like to from each instrument while they perform and personalize how much they hear. 

Burroughs finds that it's really important to keep the organization with Caedence. “I was thinking with my worship team and that experience and we use in-ear monitoring. I have a better time with in-ear monitoring. Having more of a technical aspect will make practice more efficient.” Burroughs said.