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The egg breakdown

By June Martinez
March 8, 2024

McNary AP Psychology students eggcitedly will be parenting while in school, facing the challenges of adulthood with their new eggs. Hopefully, they will not be making scrambled eggs.

The unit is about child development and is a way to apply concepts of parenting to simulate their own child to connect to, said Mr. Patrick Ackerman, McNary’s AP Psych teacher. 

McNary students will be with an egg for a week learning and overcoming struggles with being a parent. If the egg breaks they will have to adopt a new one from Ackerman. Students will be keeping a journal about the struggles of having to carry around an egg for a week.

McNary Student Camila Rojas, a sophomore, finds the project enjoyable but still worries about one aspect. 

“It's fun but you have to carry it everywhere,” Rojas said. “I feel like I'll lose it.” She followed that up with saying “this shows the  of a parent and the difficulties of taking care of a fake kid.”