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Seniors recognized at honor assembly, receive record scholarships

By Serenity Gay
June 15, 2023

This year McNary hit a record with over 15 million dollars worth of scholarships for the class of
During the senior assembly on Wednesday there was a small ceremony held for seniors and
acknowledging some rewards. There were also two main speakers at the assembly: our
principal Jesperson and senior Kiele Jarnagin.
Mr. Jesperson gave a lengthy heartfelt speech to everyone at McNary; However, he had some
words to share for the class of 2023 before he handed the mic over to Jarnagin.
He said, “Finally to the seniors who are sitting in front of me right now. Remember your
education does not end here, graduation from high school is just the beginning. I want you to
think about how you can embrace your knowledge and seek wisdom in every experience that
you encounter.”
By the end of his speech, Mr. Jesperson gave more wise words that every student at McNary
should also consider. Jesperson said, “Remember the importance of empathy and compassion
in a world that often seems divided, it’s crucial that you help us build bridges, and you help us
foster understanding.”
After Mr. Jesperson’s speech ended, he introduced us to Senior, Kiele Jarnagin, who gave hers.
In her speech, she reflected on this year and reminded all the seniors how far they have come
at McNary.
Remarkable things Jarnagin said were about how many challenges the class of 2023 faced.
She said, “Challenges, something that we've had a lot of. Throughout our household career we
have experienced a multitude of ups and downs but no matter what obstacle comes our way, no
matter what challenges try to stop us as a class we managed to push through. Anyone will tell
us we did not get a fair four years. They talk about how we lost our sophomore selves to online
school, or our junior year to the fear that we might not get the same opportunities as previous
classes, But you know what we did in that time, we persevered. We pushed through everything
and anything to be here today.”
Jarnagin spoke much more to the individuals surrounding how much they've achieved at the
senior assembly officially closing off their last day in the school they've spent years in.