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Prepping for AP exams in one semester

By Sophia Waldon
June 20, 2021

This school year McNary students are going through many vastly different changes compared to last school year due to the Covid-19 virus, AP students are only getting a semester to study and prepare for AP Exams with their class, when last year they had a whole year to learn and practice all the units.

“AP HUG this year felt rushed,” said Sophomore Kieli Jarnagin. 

Students aren’t having enough time to develop skills and knowledge for their AP Exams.

“All the units shouldn’t be squished together,” said Jarnagin.

Students don’t feel ready to take a big exam when only given half the time then they would have last year to study and learn.

“I wasn’t prepared,” said Jarnagin.

Not only McNary switched to core classes only being a semester long, but Edge did as well. 

“We only did one lecture of notes per unit,” said Sophomore Kelsey Schauar who went from Edge to McNary this school year.