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McNary Celebrates National Pi Day

Lucian Bader
April 4, 2024

The McNary Math department is celebrated National PI Day March. 14, 2024 and all staff were invited to enjoy round foods.

McNary's math teacher Mrs. Liz Secor says math is important and if you can celebrate math anytime we should, March 14 looks like PI it's time to celebrate. “I think because you have a math department and there tends not to be a lot of math related celebratory occasions, we try to take what we can to make it fun,” Secor said.

In Mrs.Secor’s class she usually buys round snacks after school in her class and she hopes she can follow through on her plans.

The main people who celebrate of Pi Day at McNary are in the math department, and but unofficially anybody that enjoyed PI Day. ” I certainly hope to see the majority of people it will be a little squishy if they all show up but there should be enough treats for everyone who wants to celebrate,” Secor said.  

Mrs. Secor said she celebrates PI Day by eating a pie or any dessert. She likes anything that has students think about numbers in creative ways.

Its important to find silly ways to use math in day to day life and Pi day was a great example.