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Hogwarts Legacy: Boycott turned to harassment

By Therin Barnett (Opinion)
March 15, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy, a game that was released on Feb 10, was the target for boycott due to ties with J.K. Rowling and her allegedly anti-transgender remarks, but has instead turned into a movement of harassment.

Following the release of Hogwarts Legacy the boycott was exactly that, a boycott, in addition to many people making memes about the situation.

That very quickly turned into a movement of harassment and even death threats to anyone who played and streamed the game.

People should not be getting harassed for simply playing a game, and the people who are harassing others for playing the game are not advocates for the trans community, they are people who have gone too far.

“I really hope you die for playing that wizard game, going to put that in my calendar to wish that upon you every day,” this was a message that the streamer, Pyo 5, was sent and shared to the his Twitter audience.

Another streamer, Hasasnabi was planning to play the game and do a transgender awareness fundraiser, but was “talked” into not doing so, to put it lightly.