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Adopt-A-Celt 2023

By Dakota Hill
December 14, 2023

Adopt-A-Celt is coming to an end for the year. Students who participate in helping with the event are happy that they were able to help make a positive influence on families winter breaks.

Adopt-A-Celt is a program that runs every December at McNary that helps families in need provide presents for their children during the holiday times.

Ben Wood, senior, enjoys that the entire class pitches in to help run and contribute anyway they can. Whether that is looking over who's assigned to what family, or wrapping presents the class is all committed to making the program the best it can be.

“It just benefits the community and it helps people in the school as well. And overall, is or What feelings do you get from just all of this afterwards, after all is done and all that kind of relief? I guess that something that's done, everyone's gotten their gifts and stuff, less stress. was off of our shoulders now,” Wood said.

This was senior Walea Tombleson's first year doing the program and really enjoyed what she got to do. 

“I've always loved doing stuff to help the community and so having such a tangible program where we are wrapping gifts and buying groceries in and doing all these things and then loading into their cars it's it's very rewarding,” Tombleson said.

She loved knowing that what she was doing was for a good cause and that she knew that kids holiday celebrations would be better seeing the gift she was able to wrap. 

“Honestly, I love wrapping gifts. So having a whole lot of gifts to wrap without the stress of that will be like the gift or this or that because I won't see them opening it but knowing that it's a fun toy or clothes or something like that,” Tombleson said. 

Tombleson enjoys seeing every gift and seeing that some of the stuff she enjoyed when she was little still be valued and wanted by kids in the district.

“There were a lot of little kid clothes, which are all really cute. And then there were Barbies and things that I remember playing with growing up. So that was fun seeing that kids still enjoy playing with those things,” Tombleson said.

Students highly encourage you to participate whether it’s by being a host family and buying family gifts, or being a part of the process of wrapping gifts or doing anything you can. Because families deserve to have the best holiday season they can.