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Call of duty MW3s campaign is boring and uninspired

By Owen Lizama
November 9, 2023

This year's call of duty campaign is a huge disappointment. 

They experimented with something they called open combat missions, which are supposed to shake things up. Instead the primitive AI and horrible detection timing really bring down what could have been a great idea. Another thing is they are mandatory instead of them being like side quests similar to Black ops2.

A huge issue that also boggs the game down is that the campaign feels extremely rushed clocking in at 3 hours and 20 minutes compared to last year's 6-8 hour campaign, when I reached the end it felt like I was only half way through.

Another issue is the wasted potential of the main villain starting him off as this huge monster only for his attacks to be super small in scale especially compared to his original MW2 and MW3 version.

They sold the game as a brand new call of duty but it acts more like a DLC, that's why the final verdict for this year's call of duty gets a 3/10. I hope they learn from this years game and don't repeat the same mistakes.