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Avatar: The Way of Water movie review

By Allison Ricketts (Opinion)
February 8, 2023

The second Avatar movie,”Avatar: The Way of Water”, finally released after 13 years of waiting on December 16, 2022.

Kate Winslet, a leading actress in the movie, was able to hold her breath underwater for seven minutes and fourteen seconds breaking Tom Cruise’s breath-holding record, “It’s not something to try at home, it took me three weeks of consecutive training for me to be able to hold my breath for that long,” Winslit said. 

The cast was trained in deep sea diving and being able to hold their breaths underwater for long amounts of time before the movie was produced. 

Bailey Bass said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that “During the auditioning process I actually had to tread water for five to ten minutes to see if I could do the stunts in the movie.”  

Most of the cast was only able to hold their breaths for 5 minutes and under. Being so young Trinity Bliss was only able to hold her breath for three minutes and thirty seconds. 

As the director James Cameron was also getting in the tank and going underwater to talk to and direct the cast, being able to hold his breath for five minutes and thirty seconds.

James Cameron has always been fascinated with the deep sea world and is where he got the inspiration for the movie.

Although Cameron is a filmmaker, he is also an adventurer and loves to go deep sea diving, making a record-breaking solo dive 10,908 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Although the movie is 3 hours and 12 minutes long, it is very enjoyable to watch. The movie’s theme rotates around the meaning of family, but there are many subplots to make the movie more enjoyable so you’re not bored for long amounts of time.

Cameron said that they already casted for the third Avatar movie and soon the Avatar series will grow even larger with movies four and five also coming out over the next few years.