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A McNary Bassoon player: Aiden Doyal

By Sarahi Barragan
February 12, 2023

In McNary high school, only two students in all of band are able to play the bassoon. One of the two is senior Aiden Doyal, who has been playing since the sixth grade.

In regards to why specifically the bassoon, Aiden Doyal said "It gives me a lot of money for college." 

Although primarily a clarinet player, he picked up the bassoon after a previous band teacher suggested he try it out.

With six years of experience and mastering the ability to play, he has even obtained the position of first chair in the school's band.

One advantage to learning to play the difficult woodwind instrument is that it can help provide students with a lot of scholarship money and opportunities for continuing to play in college.

What's not so fun about it on the other hand are the expenses that come from maintenance and repairs.

The average cost of a non professional bassoon is around $1800 and to keep it up to standard its  "Usually in the thousands" every year, according to Aiden.

As soon as he started playing bassoon he had the intention of continuing even after high school and to him it means being able to make money for his future.