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By Matthem Hope Photo Credits: Moses Vazquez Instagram Moses.v45
November 12, 2023

Out of the many bands from the APT (Audio Production Technology), this month’s band spotlight is 5FORREALLL. The band is a jazzy, funk-pop kind of band with songs that are generally meant to spark joy in listeners.

“I’ve wanted to be in a band for years now,” Benjamin Ruhr, the bass player, said. His father was a bass player, which inspired him to learn bass himself, and eventually join 5FORREALLL. 

Drummer of 5FORREALLL, Titus Thomas approached Ruhr one day and asked Ruhr if he wanted to join the band. “I thought it would be awesome,” Ruhr said. 

Ruhr said he picked up bass easily. However, the bass is usually the easiest to pick out, therefore making it crucial to not mess up any chords.

Thomas said he was very inspired by artists such as Joe Dart and Vulfpeck. He feels 5FORREALLL plays happy, uplifting songs to bring a good vibe to any concerts they play at. 

Playing the drums is easy or hard, depending on the natural rhythm. As with bass, drums are very easy to single out, so it’s imperative you know a song well before you perform it on a stage. The band only plays live. 

Overall, the members of 5FORREALLL agree that their music should bring an “uplifting kind of joy feeling,”. 

The band may be playing next at the Holiday Bazaar, on November 18. They will play songs such as “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor and “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by Scary Pockets.