McNary masks

Lacy Vases
April 29, 2021

Masks supposedly keep us from spreading the very popular covid virus from others, but it cannot stop us from spreading the latest fashion trends. The stylish teens of our generation come prepared with patterns, meanings and designs on their masks when fighting the spread of germs.

Face masks give Students another chance to express themselves like how Justyn-Rhea Lawrence wears a butterflied covered face mask saying “I like colorful things.”

People use face masks not just as protection, but also an added accessor.

 Like Hailey Schwinof who said “I match them to my outfits” 

Schwinof also said she “prefers pattern more than one solid color”. 

Reversible masks are another trend that sits in the McNary walls. Bella Biondi said that she “likes reversible and normal masks equally.”

Though the common blue disposable mask remains the most trendy for Cole Nielsen.

Nielsen said “I think they look cool and I use the same one everyday.” McNary’s halls are filled with a majority of standard disposable masks and a hint of stylish masks.