Holocaust Studies Course Started

By Dakota Hill
March 26, 2023

Starting next year there will be a Holocaust studies course. This course is a full year course that will go over the Holocaust and other genocides taught by Mr Robert Spurling in room 227.

When talking about why he started the class in the first place; “ Two things, one former student wanted elective with me. Second spent time in Jewish classes and it inspired me,”

“Why it's important is as it gets further and further, more denyers of the Holocaust. It's a fascinating dark part of history.” Mr Spurling said on how important this part of history is and on why it was important to him to create the class in the first place.

On why students should take this class; “So we don’t make mistakes, hear the voices so it doesn't happen again.”

While there is no for sure information regarding what all documentaries you will watch and books you will read. There are some ideas like “The Farming of Bones.”

When talking to other students about the class they seem to be very excited about the class.

One student is Liam Cox, a Junior who said. “I feel it will be a fun class to study, It’s a great class for people who need credits,”  “I want to study what happened during the Holocaust and other genocides.” Liam said about taking the class and what he will get out of it.

When talking about why he wanted to take the class and why should others take the class, “fun teacher, does a lot of fun activities, fun class to take. Should take the class if interested.”

Another student who plans on taking the new class is Eren McCormack. When he talked about why he wanted to take the class. “First, topic is not talked about in history, or not enough. I also really like how he (Mr Spurling) teaches.

Also Eren went on to talk about what he wants to take away from the class. “I want to take away deeper knowledge on the Holocaust and Jewish people and their suffering” also he went on to say about what he looks forward to. “All of it, love the idea and making of it.” And when talking about who should take it, “I think people should if they can have serious talks about the Holocaust, because people need to know about and have knowledge about the victims.”