Former McNary student donates COVID-19 supplies

Brody Tosi
May 14, 2020

The former Celt, Ish Guevara, makes and delivers out face masks along with care packages including assorted items such as beans, cereal, rice, toilet paper, and toothpaste. 

He makes face masks through a multi-step process that starts by buying materials through pick up from places that sell fabric such as Joanns. 

The fabric is washed, drafted out into face mask patterns for both children and adult size, and then cut into pieces. 

Following that, he serges the seams on front and back, irons flat the mask seams, a loop is stitched where an elastic band will be placed through, and finally the elastic bands are sewed through into place.

As of now Guevara has made over 1,000 masks. “The process is hard when it’s only a team of one,” he says. All of his orders have been given out by mai,l or even picked up at his own porch. 

While he continues to make more masks at the moment, Guevara plans to be leaving for the east coast mid August to pursue a different career.

Additionally, he plans to donate more food to the Mano a Mano food bank on Portland road in the near future. 

Guevara has several vital safety tips for these troubled times. “Practice good hygiene, be patient, be kind, never forget your humanity. Only take what you need and help if you can. We will only beat this issue if we work together,” he said.