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Duo Language Courses

By Cassandra Falcon
May 20, 2023

Duo language courses are coming to McNary High School for the 2023-2024 school year. This will include a 9th grade social studies class as well as a 9th grade language arts class.

Mrs. Gabriella Osorno will be teaching the language arts class, and Mrs. Emily Cabrales will teach the social studies class.

Upcoming 9th graders, and students who have passed the STAMP test will be eligible to take these soon to be courses. The STAMP test is a proficiency exam for students who already have knowledge of a second language, it tests you in reading, writing, listening and speaking. If you get about 6 in all the subjects you can get a Spanish 5 credit as well as a language language arts credit.

These classes will be 100% taught in Spanish.

It’s mainly open for students who Spanish is their primary language, but it’ll also be open to other students who Spanish is their second language. If they completely understand it and if they can get work done without being behind they will be allowed in.

All McNary staff are excited to have duo language courses. 

“It’s extremely important that we’re providing all kind of opportunities to more content and improving the culture, this is going to make the school better,” Eric Jesperson, McNary's principal said.