Continuing embedded honors classes next school year

By Sophia Waldon
June 19, 2021

Next School year Embedded Honors classes are going to stay the same as they were this school year.

“McNary's been doing this for probably the last 5-6 years, we've made minor changes over the years, I believe this year was the first time in Science where we've embedded the Honors into the actual course itself and then Social Studies I mean we'll do the same thing, Social Studies has a lot of AP courses and AP options so students who want to challenge themselves into a course of greater level, they have AP courses that they can do,” Assistant Principal Phil Kelly said.

“The nice thing is that I feel confident that the district has asked us to make sure that students have the option for Honors across all four core areas and thankfully that's something that McNary was already ahead of the curve and that was something that we've been working towards and trying to remove those obstacles for students or those pipelines for students to get into those Honors courses so we'll still be refining and tweaking little things in the mass Science and Social Studies realm as we just try to meet the needs of the student's better,” Kelly said.

Teachers and students have opinions about next School year’s embedded Honors classes.

“As long as there aren't any barriers to Honors so, as long as all students have opportunities and access to being honored it’s okay,” Mr. Andrew Tennant said.

Students feel like Honors classes are easier when embedded.

“I guess there's no difference between Honors classes and regular classes, I guess that's cause I feel like it's not hard to get into Honors classes, because I know it's the same work, just more of it and I'm just trying to get through high school and not all the extra stuff like AP classes or anything like that,” Sophomore Fisher Vansoyke said.

Students are concerned for those who aren’t doing Honors, having to be in classes with Honors students.

“I don't like that Honors and regular classes are going to be together next year, I think we're doing that this year, but I think it's definitely a little challenging for those who aren’t doing Honors, having to be a little behind, other than that, I think it worked well, I just think its a little challenging for the people who aren't doing Honors,” Sophomore Keiran Montague said.

Students who plan on taking Honors, have a different perspective on embedded Honors classes.

“I did embedded Honors classes before and it just feels like it's just one problem on a worksheet, I work at a faster pace so I would like to be in a faster pace class, just to be at my full ability, I do not feel like I was challenged at all in embedded classes,” Sophomore Kiele Jarnagin said.