What should we have for a zoom background

Elijah Pett
March 15, 2021

According to EDGE assistant principal Mr. Tyler Lalack, knowing the rules of this new at-home, technology-based, learning environment is important so students and teachers can get through this tough time and hopefully go back to normal. 

¨The rules for Zoom are the same as in school learning,¨ Lalack said. ¨Just think of things you could wear and bring to school, and if you don't think that it would be acceptable at school then it's not acceptable on zoom.¨ 

The process for punishing students has changed, maybe for the better. ¨If students have something on or in the background that is not acceptable, it's not an automatic suspension,¨ Lalack said. 

¨It's as simple as asking if they could take the thing down or blur the background. If a student refuses, then a parent will be contacted and it will go from there. This goes for accidents too, we just ask the student to take care of the problem.¨ 

Algebra teacher Mrs. Mindy Minnick said ¨The students that do turn on their cameras usually have no problem and if there is one, then I would just kindly ask them to shut their camera off. But so far, I´ve had no problems when it comes to what students have in their background.¨