Virtual school still has same school rules

By Sierra Baldwin
October 16, 2020

Though school is nothing like what it was before, there are still virtual learning expectations that should be followed by the students during their classes. Though students are not in a regular classroom there are still rules that need to be followed to make it a classroom feeling. 

Within the first few weeks of virtual learning there was a 95% or higher rate of attendance for the school, according to Jespersen. Though most classes have amazing attendance there are always the classes that will have lower attendance.

McNary's principal Mr. Erik Jespersen said many things about virtual classroom expectations. Students are expected to be present and participating in class like usual; however, the school is now using Zoom to do virtual classes, creating more problems with security on Zoom. 

Even though students are doing virtual learning, there are still chances to have students misbehave. If that were to happen, the teachers will talk to the student one on one and then if needed a follow up will be done later on. Now more than ever it is important for students and teachers to reach out to each other and communicate if issues arise, Jespersen said.

Students having their advisory class is a way to create a sense of stability for students to have a good sense of community. Advisory teachers are there to help the students and encourage them to try harder and be motivated, Jespersen said.