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Unified P.E Kickball game

By Kelsey Jarnagin
April 19, 2023

Unified Sports kicked off one of their annual assemblies with a small polar plunge followed by a few rounds of kickball. Everyone was invited to watch the games between athlete and partners during students sixth period class.

This assembly was also apart of a fundraiser for the the Special Olympics program, where they dunked their favorite teachers in ice cold water. This is a smaller version of the full on polar plunge that happens with in all of the schools in the Salem-Keizer area. Mr. Andrew Tennent ,Mr. Marcus Luther, Mr. Kenny Mace, Mr. Connor Astley, Ms. Nicole Dower, and Ms. Lauren Brouse

Kickball was played during the rest of the class period after the icing, where everyone in the class got a turn to kick the ball and get cheered on. 

“Im looking forward to getting a home fun during the game,”said Gavin Edwards, a sophomore athlete.

The game was not scored, but if it was it would've been a very high scoring game with all of the home-runs that were made during the game. Keeping the energy high during the game and cheering on the classmates and students definitely made it a game to remember. 

The end of the game was celebrated by the annual ‘Cha-Cha Slide’ where the students in the class and the audience are welcome to dance and have a good time. 

Unified PE is one of the classes where students have the opportunity to make important friendships, and make someones day a whole lot better. This class is run by: Mr. Michael McShane, Mr. Kyle Mcgrath, and Mr. Matt Murphy. 

“I love to help give back to them and seeing the kids smile everyday is my favorite part,”said Hunter Ruberto, a senior partner.