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Track and Field season update

By Dakota Hill
May 7, 2023

McNary’s track and field team is in mid-season and is looking forward to the rest of the season. Athletes, since April 5, have been striving to hit PRs (personal records) and achieve the best scores possible.

While many are excited about what they have achieved so far, many are excited about the future. 

Head Coach, Mr. Joshua Christensen, is very excited about the future: “I’m excited to see our group continue to grow as athletes and teammates. Most of our athletes are underclassmen, so we have a ton of potential for this year and future years.” 

Coach Christensen has a huge impact on the team, and his leadership style demonstrates it. 

One of these athletes is Junior Aurora Carpenter, who appreciates him and the team he has built. “Christenson has definitely brought the team together, which is something that I am beyond grateful for, he has not only made a community of kids who push themselves, but he has made a family, kids who are very much who have done sports all for the season supports each other. It's alright, let us help you, we have your back no matter what. It’s just a big family Christensen has built. So, he definitely has a big, big deal with it.”

Another athlete on the team, Noe Baltazar, a Junior, appreciates what Coach Christensen has done with his discipline. “So our coaches are very disciplined on us like they want us to do the best, obviously, so I think that is a good thing we have going.” 

Aurora not only appreciates him but is happy with how the team looks going forward. “Seeing the improvement of other kids, seeing how the freshmen build up, and seeing how our distance kids came from cross country, so I'm really excited to see how they grow and what they can do to the track community this year.”

The team not only is looking forward to the future and what amazing things will happen with them, but the team also likes what has happened so far in the season and what it brought.

 Freshmen Hayden Claypool has enjoyed how fast she started up on Track and her favorite moment so far with track being. “I think my first ever meet we had, I got first my first time, so that has been pretty exciting.”

She is not the only one with big success with Track this year. Junior Miguel Torres-Pineda hit some of his highs as well this season but looks forward to beating not only his highs but his PRs as well. “This season, I'm really just looking forward to throwing higher than 125 feet, so I am going to see if I can break that now.” 

McNary has very high hopes going into the final stretch of the season.