Theatre virtually

Isabelle Chuculate
November 5, 2020

Teaching an arts class is even more difficult than ever, especially through the screen! Right now, Mr. Tom Cavanaugh is currently teaching theatre arts one… six times. Currently in their classes Mr. Cavanaugh is having them do their greek tragedy project, where they write their own greek tragedy and, “get their brother or sister or even a sock puppet to perform it with them.” 

A huge struggle for Cavanaugh is checking for student engagement during zoom classes. ¨You can't have anybody with their cameras on. You don't see the students, you don't see their reactions so finding ways to check their engagement instead of just clicking on a ´yes´ button is a big challenge.¨ 

Doing what he's always done on a screen is pretty difficult. ¨Were doing our best to just accept what has been given to us. We have all the different directors throughout the state on a group message board to bounce ideas around.¨