Teachers adapting to new ways to teach

Lacey Vasas
January 12, 2021

Although 2020 has been really tough on the students, it has also been tough on the teachers. While students had a long break when Covid-19 first hit, some staff at McNary didn’t get a break.

McNary office manager Mrs. Korrine Jackson, said “I worked my butt off with my team.”

The pandemic forced teachers to learn new teaching tools like the Canvas and Zoom websites, breakout rooms and Remind messaging service. During times like this is when teachers need to reach out. Teachers at McNary have been reaching out to colleagues and are giving each other new and easy tips to help make teaching easier.

Everyone is curious about the future. With the smaller amount of time during each quarter, teachers have been handing out more assignments with a smaller amount of time to do them.

The school is empty right now, and some students go in for one-on-one work, but with the office open and no students in the hall it is quiet. The school isn’t right without the kids.