Teachers adapting to CDL

Andres Cruz
January 5, 2021

McNary teachers have learned a lot during Comprehensive distance learning (CDL) and Mrs Mcpursifull has taken her learning experiences to heart.
McNary principal Mr. Erik Jespersen explained , “The biggest lesson that I think we all learned, it’s a reminders more than a lesson and that is that there is tremendous value in nonverbal communication.”
Mcpursifull the health/p.e. teacher said she entered the CDL with a positive attitude but not many expectations. Mcpursifull expressed that she thought having no expectations and a positive attitude was a great way to start off the quarter since “Many things were constantly changing and I think having expectations would have been limiting.”
Mcpursifull had to improvise, improve, and succeed in surviving the first Quarter of CDL. She tried out different ways of running her class “Some that worked great and some that didn’t.” Mcpursifull was able to survive Quarter 1 by constantly asking for feedback from students and working from their feedback to make her teaching during CDL much more efficient. 

CDL had caused teachers to improvise and adapt to new teaching requirements. According to Mcpursifull “I will absolutely be bringing new class activities with me when we transition back to in-person learning,”She went on to specify that she will be doing more anonymous surveys for her students before going on to cover vulnerable topics, she continued by saying that she will also be focusing on completing more activities on self-reflection.
Of course with new experiences and learning moments come challenges, now what were the challenges that Mcpursifull was faced with? Like many other teachers, Mcpursifull struggled with the move from in-person to CDL, from forgetting the new schedule to having to constantly fix her lessons.