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Students and staff prepare early in school year for a Lockdown

By Therin Barnett
September 20, 2022

Thursday, September 15, McNary high school initiated a stage two lockdown drill with the purpose of educating students what to do incase of a threat to their lives. 

In the days prior to the lockdown drill the school emailed their staff and students informing them about the event with the purpose to “actively engage in activities that help keep our students safe”. 

Seinor, Elijah Pett did not know there was going to be a lockdown but was fine with it.

“It's good for the students to learn in case there is a real lockdown emergency”, Pett said. 

Substitute teacher Laura Bronson did know about the lockdown drill.

“Fine, there's a big class of you, almost 50”, Bronson said.

Coming from Australia, Bronson didn't have lockdown drills back home and was scared the first time she experienced one. 

“I think it's a good thing but it's a sad reality of the society we live in”, Bronson said.