Social life returns with return to school

Allison Ricketts
May 25, 2021

Students have been through the pandemic and lost connections with people and family. But now that they are back in school, they can talk to people they haven’t seen in a while.  

Junior Aaliyah Davies-Garrow has recently moved into the McNary area, so has had a lot to adjust to. “I miss my friends back home, but so far McNary is cool and I’m making new friends,¨ she said.

Sophomore Lacey Lawrence said life's pace has changed. “Life has been going faster since going back to school. I’m becoming more productive and definitely more tired. I gained more friends going back to school”.

Mrs. Elisabeth Sonis, the AVID teacher at McNary, said she became more disconnected with her family and friends since the pandemic, but being back in school and seeing all her students makes her happy. She also said she got vaccinated so she can meet more of her teacher friends around the school.