Student One Acts take to the Stage

Sierra Baldwin
March 8, 2020

McNary High School puts on short plays written and directed by students. They are called the One Acts, used as a way to expand the theatre program. Many people audition for the One Acts, and many get cast. A good way to introduce people into the program.

“I just fell in love with the people and the environment,”

Sophomore Sabrina Arce, a first year theatre kid said. McNary theatre works to make everyone feel welcome, and accepted for who they are and be able to express themselves in any way. “ The community,” that’s the most common response when people are asked what they like best about the theatre program.

Many students do multiple one acts, Sophomores Blake Felbob and Trace Thompson are good examples. Blake Felbob has done one act twice now, and both times has been in two shows. Trace Thompson however learned a role a few days before opening night last year, yet he also had a main role in one of the other one acts. When asked if more students should audition Blake said “… we always need more people in the theatre program.” Having fewer people with the amount of one acts makes casting difficult for some of the plays.

A large amount of students do both choir and theatre, but many students use these types of activity as a creative outlet to express themselves. The theatre program is a great  way to meet new people and have new experiences, yet students get introduced to theatre by choir and they get asked to be in it by the choir teacher Mr. Rist, he works very close with the theatre program during the musicals.

Mr. Joshua Rist and Mr. Tom Cavanaugh are very close friends even outside of teaching and school activity. They have good teamwork and make the theatre community more welcoming. One Acts are a good way to get to know the students involved in the theatre because the one acts are a student run production that has been a tradition at McNary for many years.

Arce was in an interesting one act written and directed by Senior Wocus Gibbons. The one act play was set in medieval times and is called “In Jest,” the story is about 3 jesters and many twists appear in the story along the way. With the help of ‘Green’ the new jester they take down the cruel king.

Thompson, being in multiple one acts. One had a big impact on the director, Senior Kira Nelson wrote and directed a one act in memory of a recent loss that her family suffered. The play touches on troubles that can become someone’s home life. The other one acts were smaller roles but still impressive. One of the other one acts he was in was a surprise to most the audience, the cast was small and it was very creative. Made and directed by Senior Ricky Galvin the one act takes place in the Ken Collins Theatre and clears the stage at some point. A very creative way to express the connection some people have with the theatre.