Sophomore artist shows off her talent.

Brody Tosi
March 6, 2020

Payton Wiscarson is a sophomore at McNary High School who takes enjoyment in making art. While many people have their own unique mediums, Wiscarson’s include sketching, shading, and watercoloring.

Wiscarson’s inspiration for art came through watching YouTube videos. This allowed her to see other people’s style and help discover her own.

Some people draw inspiration for their art from an influential figure such as another artist. “There’s a bunch but I normally just do my own thing,” Wiscarson said.

Another aspect of being an artist may include an area of improvement to be strived for. Wiscarson hopes to improve on her watercoloring most of all.

Some artists may strive to sell what they make, or otherwise keep it for personal value it holds. “I haven’t sold anything. I just make it and see how other people like it”, Wiscarson said.

Wiscarson’s art has also been on display in the past. “Once it was in a kind of 4-H art gallery but that’s all”, she said.

Wiscarson also hopes to continue making art after high school to some capacity. Saying she’d like to be an animator when she is older, but she would also be happy to keep continuing art onward as a hobby.