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Softball season update

By Logan Bowlby
May 5, 2023

After roughly two-thirds of the season behind them, the varsity softball team is ranked 11th in the state. Going strong into the final weeks, the McNary Celtics currently hold a winning 12-5 record. 

Madison Morse, a senior and outfielder on the team, says there’s still room for improvement: “It’s not going the way we were necessarily expecting it would. We just need to play together as a team to do better.” 

“We just need to focus on communicating and having fun together. We have great individual players, we just need to put all the pieces together in the game,” Morse said.

Ali Martinez, a junior second and third baseman, says the team needs to focus more on the beginnings of games to have more success at the ends of the games.

Of the team’s five losses, three came within three runs. 

“We just need to work on adjusting early in the game instead of waiting until the fourth inning to start communicating with each other,” Martinez said.