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My Star review

By Therin Barnett
May 27, 2023

Currently airing, the new animated television series ‘My Star’ follows a man reincarnated as a popular idol's son, watching him and his twin sister grow up; facing the hardships and struggles that people in showbiz must endure.

One of the most appealing aspects of the show is its animation, the show is extremely fluid in movement and wonderfully executes colors and shading in a way that you are likely not to find in many other shows.

The animation isn't the only thing to look forward to when watching, the story is surprisingly deep for what it advertises itself as and is a far what you'd expect for this type of show, but in a surprisingly good way, the show often gets surprisingly dark which may make viewers uncomfortable, which can be found as early as the first episode with a twist no one expected.

You can find the show being exclusively aired on the HIDIVE app or website.