McNary's theater performs Hamlet

By Alexis Eldridge
November 22, 2021

McNary theater is back at it again with another performance, but this time it's for our very own sophomore class. 

Every year the sophomore classes read a Shakespeare piece, and this year’s piece for the sophomores is Hamlet. 

Hamlet is another Shakespearean tragedy about the tragic death of the King of Denmark. The King of Denmark comes back as a ghost to tell his son Hamlet to get revenge by killing his murderer, the new king, Hamlet's uncle. 

Talia Medlin who is a part of the play, plays Ophelia, the potential wife of Hamlet.

¨With my character, there’s a line where I get to go crazy and get to throw flowers at people, and I think that’s the most exciting part for me,¨ Medlin said, explaining her favorite part. 

The theater has been very busy with their winter musical Elf and Medlin explains the most difficult part of multi-tasking both projects. 

¨Having time to memorize our lines has been hard. We learned really last minute, and we learned blocking in one day and it wasn't easy,¨ Medlin said. 

Lilly Purkey is another member of the cast and she is playing Osric. 

¨The most exciting part is the fun we are having, and how much we get to have people enjoy our performance,¨ Purkey said. 

Purkey is also excited about having a play within the play, which is something for the sophomores to look forward to. 

¨There´s a play within the play, and it's really funny and really good, and I am hoping everyone laughs as much as we do,¨ Purkey said. 

Hamlet will be performed on Monday and Tuesday for the last 20 minutes of class for every English sophomore class.