McNarys fashion page is its own runway

By: Alexis Eldridge
January 13, 2022

Fashion is a way for people to express who they are as a person. Thanks to the McNary fashion page on Instagram, students who have great taste in style and school spirit do not go unnoticed. 

The account is managed by two students who roam the hallways of McNary. These two students were inspired by other students’ styles after coming back to school after quarantine.  

¨Over the course of quarantine, so many students had the time to explore new styles, and forms of self-expression through clothing. After numerous jaw-dropping outfits, the idea of a Fashion Instagram page for our school was born,¨ Faith Andersen said.

The purpose of this account brings awareness to the ranged diversity of clothing styles students have at McNary. 

¨My favorite part about this account is its ability to give our students diverse fashion sense a moment to shine,¨ Andersen said. 

¨We want to inspire people to express themselves, and fashion is a great way to do that and they should have a platform where they´re able to do that,¨ Kiele Jarnagin said. 

The user name for this account is @mcnarysfashion on Instagram.