McNary’s boy's basketball team beat West Salem.

By Dakota Hill
February 10, 2023

With 1.3 seconds left on the clock, McNary boys basketball team clinched the win against West Salem.

On Feb. 7, the McNary Celtics beat the West Salem Titans 58-57. Going into the game, West Salem was ranked 11 in the state. The game was close up to the final minutes, but McNary pulled off the win in the last few seconds. 

After the win, Varsity Head coach Mr. Ryan Kirch said, “Big game against West, had reporters and TV crew there, and I was very proud of the kids.”

Kirch was incredibly proud of how passionate and happy the kids were after their hard-fought victory. The team was exuberant to see all their hard work pay off.

Senior guard Jabol Balos, jersey #3, described the win as “Incredible, so amazing.” 

Balos, who played about three-quarters of the game, said he was confident they had the victory secured when he hit a three-pointer bringing the game score to 56-57, with McNary trailing by one. Then, with 1.3 seconds left, Balos scored the final two-pointer to clinch the victory for the Celts.

After the final score, “I just celebrated with everybody around the court,” Balos said.

Throughout the game, both teams used man-to-man defense, with a high ball-screen hedge, meaning both teams pressured the ball very hard. 

Regardless of this pressure, the Celts were able to defeat the West Salem Titans on their home court.