McNary students prepare to run, jump, and throw this Track and Field season

By Dakota Hill
March 4, 2023

McNary boys and girls Track and Field teams will start their season on Monday Feb. 27. Their first match will be versus Sprague on April 5.

“My excitement is all the way up to 11,” Coach Mr. Joshua Christensen said about the season slowly coming up to the start.

This will be Christensen's 20th year involved with track and field, his 11th year as a coach, and first year as McNary’s head coach.

“I have been thinking about and preparing for this season for almost a year,” Christensen said.

One of the students in track and field is Pawit Potisuk, a junior. He does 100-800 meter runs. WIth personal records of 100 meter run of 11.83, 200 meter run of 24.54, and 400 meter run of 54.00.

“This year I am more conditioned, and make a lot of noise and improve,” Potisuk said on his expectations going into the season. “Really excited, new team, new coach, and culture, really excited to be a part of this.”

Another student in the roster is Hannah Beadle, a sophomore. She does Discus, Javelin, and Shot Put with personal records of 70’ Discus, 53’ Javelin, and 22’ Shot Put. Hannah’s goal this year is to get 100’ Discus.

“Really ready and excited to compete, excited for new people and fresh faces,” Hannah said. “Ready, hope to improve and make state, big goal.”

Kiana Olivo, a junior, does Sprints and Jumps. “My goals are definitely to beat last year's personal records,” Kiana said.“I’m really pumped and excited, it gives a adrenaline rush, basically super excited.” Kiana said about her feelings and emotions going into the season. “Each meet I want to beat my personal records, and like have the team grow together and the group get better each meet.”