McNary students and staff explore distance learning

Abrahan Garcia
May 22, 2020

Even though students haven’t been in classrooms, that doesn’t mean school itself is out. 

The situation isn’t helpful right now, but even with this going on some things are shining light on the matter. Distance learning is something new to McNary, and the students are all in it together. 

Success has been present even during these times. Mr. Jespersen, the principal of McNary, shared a few words and examples of the successes some have made. 

“Some students are doing better,” he said when asked about students dealing with social distancing learning. 

“No distractions” is another factor he mentioned as to why some students are being successful. These successes are not going unnoticed. Jespersen stated that he keeps track and acknowledges “highlights and goals”. 

Jespersen even included the staff as in example. “Herr Mangan, who made a video for his kids” he said. “I’m proud of the staff and the students.” he also said. 

The situation might be dark, but the staff and students are working hard to shed some light with their accomplishments and progress.