McNary student wins first team all conference

Talia Medlin
November 2, 2021

Emily Lettenmaier, a varsity volleyball player here at McNary, has just won 1st Team All-Conference for the Mountain Valley conference. 

Lettenmaier has been playing volleyball for many years as an outside hitter and now all her hard work has paid off. 

The 1st Team All-Conference is something coaches from your own conference have a discussion about players from all the teams and who has had the most improvement, most impact in the game, and what made them a great player then vote on who deserves to be recognized. 

"Honestly it felt amazing, I mean, to some degree I really hoped I would win," said Lettenmaier. 

Last year Emily was on the 2nd Team All-Conference and moving up is something she's been hoping for ever since. 

Training is a big part of Emily's life. She has practice every weekday after school here at McNary, private lessons with her club, NPJ, and going to the courthouse to workout whenever she can. In her off-season or volleyball she runs track here at McNary, plays sand volleyball, and participates in Spartan racing. 

"Spartan Races is an obstacle course race, it's like four miles, there are like monkey bars, lifting weights, sand bags, going up hills, mud, barbed wire, it's a really intense race," said Lettenmaier. 

Some games are especially stressful for Lettenmaier, especially when she gets put in on the last point against Grant High school. 

"I do better when I'm under pressure, cause I feel like that's what pushes me like the pressure that's on me I have to like, rise up to it," said Lettenmaier. 

Emily's aspirations for her future are to someday play in college and later on become a professional volleyball player.

In her free time she likes to read and is an avid photographer. She also is in the National Honors Society who is responsible for planning and running things here at McNary and doing community outreach.