McNary staff flattening the curve

By Sierra Baldwin
May 20, 2020

While switching to online school, McNary High School staff is making sure to stay safe and to stop the spread of COVID-19.

During a virtual interview on May 6 with Erik Jespersen, principal of McNary High school, he explained what the McNary staff is doing to flatten the curve of COVID-19. “The school custodians and staff are doing many things to keep McNary clean,” he said. 

When going in to clean out their classrooms, teachers have to wear gloves and sign in. After teachers leave the main building, the custodial staff goes through and cleans where the teachers were, Jespersen said.

Additionally, some of the McNary science teachers gave input on how to flatten the curve. 

"Not being in the building with over 2000 people has helped limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community,” said freshman honors science teacher Mrs. Jessica Graham. “A high population of people in a confined space can make the spread of the virus faster. By being in quarantine,it helps stop the spread from person to person."

Teachers are also encouraging students to follow the instructions given out by the health departments. Wearing masks and washing your hands frequently will help stop the spread.