Library stays open during CDL

By Andrew Burford
December 15, 2020

Keeping McNary library during CDL (comprehensive distance learning) is quite the challenge but McNary's librarian Jeanne Woodley is up to the challenge.

Woodley said that many students simply are “not interested in checking out books,” she said. Many just don't feel the need or desire to get a book. Because they either are already reading a book in their english class, or they don't prioritize it because they have more pressing matters such as schoolwork. These reasons are understandable but they don't hold students back as much as students may have thought. This is because there is one library rule that does not apply right now during CDL. That is with late fees, the normal late fee rule does not apply. Students will still get late warnings if the book is checked out more than three weeks but if it is returned in good condition there will be no fees.

On account of Covid-19 safety measures, students can no longer check out library books from the library in person, but instead have to schedule appointments. This process has to be done online where students can request and put holds on books that they want. Afterwards students can pick them up at the school library. Once they are returned to the library they can not be returned to the shelves immediately. Due to the district wide practice of sealing books in plastic bags for two days and then disinfecting them. But once this process is complete they are returned to the shelves and they are available for checkout again.

 “We should all find a book that we enjoy and try to get away from staring at a computer screen,” she said.